Volume 12 Issue 5 - Tuesday, February 23, 2021

In Today's ITL: Marijuana is Finally Legal in New Jersey, Limited Number of Fans Allowed at College/Professional Sporting Events and In Memoriam, Marilyn Shuffler 

Marijuana is Finally Legal in New Jersey: Yesterday, Governor Phil Murphy signed three bills that together, launched a new, legal, marijuana industry in New Jersey and put an immediate stop to thousands of arrests for marijuana possession.

After numerous failed legislative attempts, last November the voters of New Jersey overwhelmingly voted to approve a ballot question to legalize adult-use marijuana. Since then, the state legislature wrangled with issues including tax revenue, licensing rules and penalties for those under 21 caught with marijuana – a hang-up that stalled and almost derailed legislative progress towards legalization.

Murphy said the legal marijuana marketplace would begin forming in the coming months. The Cannabis Regulatory Commission that will oversee the marijuana industry has six months to set up its rules and regulations before it seeks new licensees for businesses.  While marijuana consumers will not have legal avenues to purchase it yet, arrests for thousands of possession cases should begin to cease.

Limited Number of Fans Allowed at College/Professional Sporting Events: New Jersey will soon allow parents or guardians to attend collegiate sporting events and allow certain entertainment and sports venues to welcome spectators in limited numbers.

The order that lets up to two parents or guardians attend college sports games, which takes effect immediately, is an expansion of an order Murphy signed earlier this month that allowed up to two parents or guardians to attend high school or youth sporting events up to 35 percent of indoor capacity or 150 people.

Starting at 6 a.m. next Monday, any sporting or entertainment venue with a capacity of 5,000 or more — including MetLife Stadium, the Prudential Center in Newark, Red Bull Arena in Harrison, the Rutgers Athletic Center and minor league baseball stadiums — can fill to 10 percent for indoor events and 15 percent for outdoor events. Murphy said attendees must wear masks and adhere to social distancing practices, but those who bought tickets together may sit together.

In Memoriam, Marilyn Shuffler: This past week the RCSG family lost one of its biggest champions, Eric’s mom, Marilyn. Marilyn’s death from septic shock was sudden and swift.

Marilyn was Eric’s biggest cheerleader (and a huge fan of Jamie’s) and an avid reader of In The Loop.  She took exceptional pride in Eric’s career, the success of this firm and the character, integrity and ethics upon which Jamie and Eric built this business and that we all now continue. 

Our business has always been a family and we wanted to share this sad news with those we work and laugh with throughout our days.  Eric will be back, re-engaging in the world – slowly, a little sadder at first but stronger for the support he has received from so many friends and fortified by the unending support and love his mom provides.

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