Volume 11 Issue 53 - Thursday, September 24, 2020


 In the Loop Special Edition: River Crossing Strategy Group Launches New Website 

The exciting times continue at Team River Crossing :-)


In June, we announced a significant expansion of the firm’s capabilities with the addition of our new partner, Kevin McCabe.


During these “different” times we continue to find new and effective ways to engage with our clients as well as stakeholders and elected officials.  Times change, but the work of government continues and the need for counsel and action remains critical.  

 Today, we are proud to announce the official re-launch of the new River Crossing Strategy Group website.


Our new website better reflects the true mission of our firm, provides a clear articulation of the services we provide and integrates all of our firm’s social media platforms, including mobile, and our In the Loop e-newsletter series.  The evolution of the website reflects our commitment to constant improvement and adaptation as the world around us changes but our values and objectives remain the same.


We always value your input so please take a moment to visit our new website and let us know what you think about the redesign – all thoughts, opinions and feedback are welcome.


The River Crossing Strategy Group Team


Eric, Kevin, Doug, Danielle, Tim, Maddy and Yasmin

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