ITL Volume 14 Issue 1 - Tuesday, January 10, 2023

Fulop not Seeking Re-Election, Senator Conners announces Retirement, Signed Law Expedites Building Permitting Process  and Judge Blocks Parts of New Gun Law

Fulop not Seeking Reelection

Last week, Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop announced he will not run for re-election in 2025, ending his mayoral career at three terms and further fueling widespread speculation that he is gearing for a 2025 gubernatorial run.

Fulop was first elected mayor in 2013 after serving for more than a decade on the city council.

“The forward momentum happening in Jersey City is undeniable, and while there is much more work to be done I feel confident that new leaders can build on the foundation we have built while charting their own unique path forward,” Fulop said in a video message to constituents.

Senator Connors Announces Retirement

Last week, 9th District Legislator Senator Christopher Connors announced that he will not seek re-election to the State Legislature.

Senator Christopher Connors was elected to his first full term in the Assembly in November of 1989, and was reelected in 1991, 1993, 1995, 1997, 1999, 2001, 2003, and 2005. Connors served as Assistant Majority Leader 1992-95.

“It has been the greatest honor of my professional life to serve the people of the 9th Legislative District. I have always held a strong commitment to serving the community and have always thought of my constituents as my extended family.”

Signed Law Expedites Building Permitting Process

A new law was signed by Governor Murphy last week will speed up the permitting process under the State Uniform Construction Code Act. The bipartisan legislation (A-573), which had the support of business organizations such as the New Jersey Business & Industry Association and construction trade groups, is expected to be a boost to businesses and those seeking affordable housing by modifying certain standards in inspection processes.

At the bill signing Murphy explained that under the legislation “local governments will have several avenues to go down to improve their ability to conduct inspections in a more timely manner.”

These avenues include: codifying a three-day construction inspection turnaround from the date of a requested inspection and allowing a developer to contract with a private on-site inspection agency if local construction officials cannot complete the inspection within the three-day timeframe; giving municipalities the ability, through a streamlined bidding process, to hire private inspection agencies; and having municipalities enter into shared services agreements with neighboring towns to consolidate inspection work.

The governor said that the Department of Community Affairs (DCA) will have expanded powers to hold local officials to their duties and deadlines. He added that final construction approval and sign off on a certificate of occupancy will still come from a local construction official.

Judge Blocks Parts of New Gun Law

A federal judge has temporarily blocked part of New Jersey's newly enacted law that prohibits guns from being carried in certain parts of the state.

U.S. District Judge Renée Marie Bumb, a George W. Bush appointee, issued a temporary restraining order Monday for sections of the law that specifically bans guns from being carried in public libraries or museums, bars or restaurants that serve alcohol and entertainment facilities. One catch-all provision barring guns from being carried on private property where the owner did not explicitly grant permission is also blocked, as was another provision that prohibits guns from being carried in vehicles unless they are unloaded and stored in a closed area.


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