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Contact: Timothy White | Published On: Tuesday, May 23, 2023
New Client Announcement: NJ Tutoring Corps., Inc.

River Crossing Strategy Group is excited to introduce our newest client, NJ Tutoring Corps, Inc.

As students and educators regain their footing in the wake of the pandemic, the NJ Tutoring Corps, Inc. (NJTC) is expanding to serve a greater number of students across the State. Originally funded by the Pandemic Relief Fund, the NJTC is now the only statewide, nonprofit entity providing in-person, high-dosage tutoring to students in grades PK-8. Since its origin in the summer of 2021, the NJTC has served over 5,000 scholars and hired over 250 tutors and staff in their school year and summer programs. 

In this model, high-dosage tutoring is offered in partnership with districts and charter schools, as well as Boys and Girls Clubs and the local YMCAs. Notably, the NJTC has had a significant impact on the scholars it serves; across all three program cycles to date, the Corps has on average improved scholars' math outcomes by 25 percentage points.

The NJTC is now working with River Crossing Strategy Group on their legislative and budget outreach, relationship building, policy development, and advocacy. In the FY23 state budget, legislative leaders recognized the need for and impact of this program and funded the program with $1 million in state support.  For the FY24 budget, we're working to seek continued state support for this organization, which will be critical to scaling their programming this summer and throughout the 2023-24 school year.