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Contact: Timothy White | Published On: Tuesday, March 21, 2023
New Client Announcement: New Jersey Symphony

River Crossing Strategy Group is excited to introduce our newest client, the New Jersey Symphony!

The Symphony's mission is to connect with the people and diverse communities of New Jersey through the power of live symphonic music to inspire, entertain and educate.

The Symphony supports educational programs like the youth orchestra, masterclasses, and virtual learning opportunities, as well as supporting music programs within schools. The symphony's goal is to encourage New Jersey's kids to be both musicians and listeners of music and to help them grow both musically and personally through the expanse of programs that the Symphony offers.

The Symphony works within communities to bring diverse, dynamic, and engaging performances and programs, many of which highlight local artists and reflect the cultural and musical backgrounds of New Jersey. They also utilize digital innovations to ensure that the orchestra can be accessible anytime, anywhere, to anyone.

Through issue advocacy and outreach to our municipalities and elected leaders, RCSG will help the Symphony become an even bigger musical and cultural presence. Especially as we round out the Symphony's centennial year, now is the perfect time to more widely recognized that the Symphony is here for us, all of us, in New Jersey.

River Crossing Strategy Group looks forward to hitting the ground running with the New Jersey Symphony to highlight their incredible professionals, music, and programs throughout the State.