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RCSG Helps Pass Legislation to Create Dual-Use Solar Program

Change isn’t easy, but working with our client, BlueWave, we led the effort to create a legislative framework to bring a completely new form of solar to the Garden State.  Known as dual-use solar, this new program allows farmers to continue agricultural production on their farms while bringing the energy-saving benefits of solar power and helping New Jersey reach its clean energy and climate goals.   

In order to move the legislation forward, RCSG engaged a diverse group of advocacy organizations and interested stakeholders from both the renewable energy sector and the agricultural communities. This effort also required navigating the policy requirements, including the development of new solutions, of several state agencies, including the Department of Agriculture and the state’s public utility commission, all with a focus on keeping farms productive and providing meaningful energy savings, but preserving farmlands and open space.   

Bill A5434/S3484 was signed into law by Governor Murphy at a public event in July 2021.