RCSG Case Study

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KMS Development Partners (formerly the Keating Companies) is a well-known, highly-respected, national real estate development company specializing in complex public/private redevelopment projects. In 2012, KMS Development Partners submitted a proposal to redevelop a portion of the US Postal Service Property on the south end of Hoboken’s waterfront. The property is located in an area designated in need of redevelopment, the City’s master plan calls for a hotel in this area and the property is zoned for a hotel.

Despite these favorable zoning designations, and the multitude of community benefits it would provide, the proposal to build a new waterfront hotel in Hoboken stalled. Without the necessary City approvals, the redevelopment agreement between KMS and the US Postal Service would expire, ending all prospects for the successful development of the hotel.  

In 2016, RCSG developed and led a comprehensive community engagement campaign designed to generate public and stakeholder support for the hotel project. This public affairs campaign was coordinated in conjunction with an ongoing direct engagement effort with local elected officials.

Campaign tactics included coalition building, community engagement and advocacy, development of a project-specific website and ancillary social media assets, media relations, event management, digital and print advertising and public meeting advocacy.  

RCSG’s community engagement campaign was an overwhelming success, generating broad public support that helped move the project through several stages of municipal approvals. In November 7, 2018, KMS signed a redevelopment agreement with the City of Hoboken to construct the new waterfront hotel. Construction on the hotel is expectted to commence shortly.